UH its me and my interest of sorts, both NSFW and SFW. i'm a basic guy with a personality and character, wanna know me just simply post or comment. I like to listen to music and chill with peeps. I work 2 jobs. Follow and I'll follow back. no drama and we'll be cool (scroll down all the way for music i follow or inspires me)
i am 25
hmmm also a student at Broadview Entertainment Arts University. my Major is Audio Engineering/ Music Production


love u babe *kisses myself on the cheek*

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Cliche title huh?

Much like society and it’s view on our youth and the future generations to come. Always picking out the flaws and leaving those in need of help behind. I’m 26 years old but from I have read, seen, heard, and lived through I can say that I don’t know everything but I do know this. If we don’t step up more than we have already, we continue being a result of the cliche close minded society. Just food for thought. Continue your thoughts on this. I know it may not get no more then what 1 or 2 notes but at least someone will see it and think about it. Yeah. Think about it. Question what’s around you. Consider other scenarios other than the cliche and old.

Yours Truly.


a fun and interesting fact about me is that im a fucking idiot

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